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Pearl River EU122 Professional Upright Piano 


AEU122是適合任何水平演奏者的鋼琴。 從鋼琴結構策略上看,偏移的後支柱可為存在最大張力的高音部分提供更大的強度,而在低音部分則提供較小的強度,從而在整個鋼琴上提供令人愉悅的均勻音調。 這個設計通常是高價鋼琴保留的特點。 鎚槌使用優質的德國毛氈,琴鍵架使用帶雲杉的砧板結構,結構堅硬而耐用。

Pearl River EU-122 黑色

HKD 32,960
HKD 28,800

This piano is available in our showroom. 

This 48″ Pearl River EU122 is the perfect professional upright piano for those who demand the highest standards of tone, touch, and long term durability.  The large soundboard surface area produces tone comparable to that of smaller grand pianos, and the action is expertly designed to allow for an inspiring dynamic range.  Built to withstand heavy, professional use, the EU122 features solid hardwood legs and toe blocks with premium brass casters.  It also features massive, solid spruce backposts with a unique offset placement, which insures superior tone balance and tuning stability.  Unique scaling by Swiss master piano designer Lothar Thomma, matched with premium components and materials make the Pearl River EU122 an exceptional instrument, ideal for teaching studios, performance venues, and discerning pianists at all skill levels.

Pearl River pianos are the best selling pianos in the world.

顏色: 黑色
鍵數: 88鍵
尺寸: 151cm(長)*60cm (深)*122 cm (高)
踏板: 3個

- 現金

- 支票 (抬頭:青苗琴行有限公司)

- Visa / Master / EPS / 銀聯

- 信用卡分期付款: 中銀 / 渣打 / 匯豐 / Citibank (12 / 24個月分期) 恒生 (12個月分期)

- 最多 3 - 7 個工作天


租琴回家 每月最少只須200元
高達3年保養12年保用 你沒有看錯,
惠澤/服務社群 社福機構及學校優惠。
全球No.1鋼琴廠 給你選購的鋼琴頂級支援。
10大贈品 惠顧一萬元以上鋼琴可獲得10樣贈品及保養,包括:首年鋼琴內膽檢查連調音2次,10年鋼琴膽及響板保用,鋼琴搬運(不連樓梯費), 升降/放書琴凳,琴KEY絨布,名廠絲絨琴套,鋼琴腳踏套,鋼琴防潮暖管連安裝,鋼琴防護套裝(指定鋼琴),名廠電子拍子機

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